Smart Cookies Chat

Smart Cookies Chat

So one of our big on the development products is the integration of a Chat Feature with our already working Smart Cookies School App.

The Smart Cookies School App hosts under one umbrella, with single sign on, the school calendar and access to third party platforms, such as parent portals and sports/athletics sites. With the addition of the Chat Feature, schools will be able to pre-set parent groups, such as by class, grade or sport. Using the data already in schools’ student management systems, parents would only need to go into the Smart Cookies School App and voila, they’d be able to start chatting away in their relevant chat groups.

how it works

Let’s say Johnny is in Miss Sally’s class and on the Grade 5 soccer team - without having to ask all the parents for their phone numbers or someone to start a Whatsapp group, Johnny’s parents simply need to go into the Smart Cookies School App and they’d see and have access to Miss Sally’s Parent Chat and Grade 5 Soccer Chat to start chatting away.

So why bother when Whatsapp does this already!?

    To get into a Whatsapp group, you have to share your mobile number. Not only that, your number then gets seen and can be saved by everyone in the group - that can be up to 255 other people in each group!

    But what if you do have a HUGE group that’s more than 256 people - well, as 256 is the max size for a Whatapp group, then i think…Whatsapp, we have a problem.


    Gone are the days of homogenous societies, where everyone looks the same and speaks the same language. Language can be a barrier to parent engagement, and sadly kids are the ones losing out. With built-in translation so parents can both receive and send messages in their own language, parents will now all be able to share with one another and no one will have to miss out.

    How many times have your Whatsapp groups gone off topic and etiquette out the door? It happens. With a school-hosted Whatsapp, parents tend to stick to topic and keep conversation to the necessary.

    It’s hard enough getting your kids to and from their activities already not to also have to worry about getting on the right chat groups linked to these activities! With Smart Cookies School Chat, the school allocates parents into the chat groups as students are being allocated to their classes and activities.

Not convinced? Contact us for a demo today. I’m telling you, this is the bee’s knees. You should indeed take my word for it!!

Supporting the Bali Children Foundation

Supporting the Bali Children Foundation