smart cookies schools app


Smart Cookies School App is designed to help school administrators and parents stay on top of school events and activities.

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Administrators can keep parents informed of all the events and activities happening at school through one app.

Push notifications

Administrators can send important announcements right to parents’ phones, making sure that they receive important school messages. 

parent chat groups

Parents have auto membership into school-administered chat groups based on each child’s class, grade, or participation in an activity, sport - eliminating the need for parents to share their phone numbers to join.

Membership in the chat rooms automatically rolls over based on each child’s affiliation - no more worrying about missing out!

auto translate

Auto translate means that parents can not only receive messages in their preferred language, but can also send messages in this language, removing language as a barrier to parent engagement.


The calendar module helps parents and administrators alike keep track of all the different events happening in school. With space to add additional event details and links to external information.

Users can even save events to the calendars on their own devices.

School Attendance

Parents can use the app to submit and receive absent notifications, and keep track of their children’s attendance.

With Smart Cookies Attendance, a combined hardware and software solution, school administrators can have at their fingertips to a list of students who are currently on, or have exited, the campus at any given time.


Provide your parents access to all their school needs in a single app.




Smart Cookies Geo-Fence gives school administrators in real time a list of students who are currently on, or have exited, the campus.

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Monitor students who have entered or exited the campus on any given day, at any given time.

head count at a glance

Get a quick head count of the student body on campus, or view by division, grade or class.

search by name

Search for a specific student to see what time he or she arrived or left campus.

email reports

Daily morning reports emailed to administrators to see who have not arrived onto campus.

Weekly reports to flag regularly absent students.