About Us


Simon Cariss

Simon co-founded PageUp People, a leading HR talent management software company in the late nineties. Prior to exiting the company in 2016, Simon led the company in technology strategy. His vision combined with his understanding of the market’s needs and his responsiveness to them helped steer PageUp to be the preferred talent management software it is today with more than eight million users worldwide.

Simon is from Melbourne, Australia. It was the TRS80 in his Grade 4 year that first piqued his interest in technology. This was followed a year later by the Commodore 64. Today, Simon shares his time between Smart Cookies and as President of the Parent Teacher Association Board at his children’s school in Singapore. When Simon is not spending his time thinking about zeros and ones, he can be found outrigger canoeing in races internationally and participating in marathons as far away as the North Pole and North Korea.


Christina Lee Thorsen

Christina thrives when she’s learning, exploring and making connections. Often seeking balance in life, Christina is no different in the way she approaches projects. She takes advantage of her creativity to think outside the box, while utilizes her methodical nature to beeline to effective solutions.

Christina has worked across many different sectors including technology, education, health care and finance with her main focuses on communications and customer relations. She has experience with small start-ups, large corporations, non-governmental organizations and international K-12 schools. Having lived in seven countries and having worked with colleagues from more than 130, Christina is able to assess, see and sense projects and opportunities from multiple perspectives.

Most recently, Christina was the Senior Communications Manager at Stamford American International School, where she managed parent relations for the school’s nearly 3000 students across 18 year groups. Her role there ranged from the delivery of effective day-to-day communications to organizing mass events and mentor programs involving international celebrity guests and thought leaders, and at times, in collaboration with companies like Microsoft, Bloomberg and MasterCard.